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Types of Heat Sources And Their Importance

Heating is an important system used for home comfort and helps prevent sickness by removing moister from air keeping you dry and comfortable. There are two types of heat sources one is gas and the other is a heat pump .
Gas Furnace
the furnace has multiple jobs. Supplying air to the with heat cooling or just a fan for air consist of 4 main parts the fan heat exchanger filter and evaporator coil. The fan sucks the air from the filter connecter to the return register the fan than pushes the air over a heated flame and out the supply registers.
Heat Pump Systems 
Heat pump systems are generally used when all electrical appliances are used and gas is not an option. This system is just ran on electricity this is a safer system to use as it does not use natural gas no flame and no carbon monoxide is produced but it does use much more electricity to run because the compressor and condenser fan motor run while in heating mode . The way the system operates just like your air conditioning is used. There just one additional part that is called the reversing valve its job is to take hot air from outside inside or from hot air from inside your house to outside of your house. The refrigerant does the rest.

Different kinds of furnaces:

There are different kinds of furnaces high efficiency motors use motors that start off on low speed and if not a lot of cooling is required stays on low if a lot of cooling is required if revs up to high speed this is a really good energy effiency unit. There is also single stage motors and two stage motors. Zoning systems are best used for two story houses when air conditioning is not required upstairs  the system will stop sending air upstairs and focus on downstairs. This is accomplished with two thermostats and more controls it is very odd in two story home because heat rises and the temperature difference in so different.
Service Techs
Our service tech undergo in house schooling in not only service and repair but  also customer service. We strongly believe the customer is always right and will do everything to make sure every customer is taken care of.